Alum Spring Park is located within the limits of the city of Fredericksburg at the end of Greenbrier Drive.  It is a great place to take the kids on a sunny day.  There is a shaded playground with a variety of slides and swings including baby swings.  There are also picnic tables and a picnic shelter, under the trees, where you can stop for a snack or lunch.  Bring your water shoes and let the kids splash in the water at the spring.  The park offers a variety of walking trails including the Virginia Railway Central Trail which is paved. Alum Spring has a long history that dates back to George Washington!  Historically, it has been a site of healing, duels, a prison, a hospital, mills and a railroad.  Read more about the history of Alum Spring here.


-Nina Parrish, M.Ed.
Owner | Parrish Learning Zone, LLC

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