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Current technology helps make studying easier and more manageable. As smartphone ownership increases every year, mobile apps developed specifically for studying harder and smarter are regularly popping up. Parrish Learning Zone acknowledged that test anxiety can be caused by unproductive study methods. With deadlines and exams piling up, you need all the help you can get to stay on top of your academics.

Turn your mobile device into a tool that will bring you one step closer to graduation by using these apps especially made for students who want to excel.


All students who have used Evernote can attest that this app is a godsend to their productivity toolbox. Evernote is essentially a virtual notetaker which can sync across all devices, mobile or desktop. The productivity app has so many features that make it invaluable to the plugged-in student such as the ability to scan your handwritten notes and easily look for a particular term or topic with the search function. The Verge adds that you can even drop in diagrams, flow charts, images, and other attachments for those who are visual learners. You can separate your notes into different folders, which are aptly called ‘notebooks’. Best of all, you don’t have to hurriedly handwrite your teacher’s lecture. Evernote has a voice notes feature which allows you to save recordings to type up later, leaving enough time to actually listen to the discussion. In addition, reading through your much more streamlined notes in Evernote can make reviewing more efficient and productive.


A cloud-based task management app, using Wunderlist is a convenient way to get things done one by one. Maryville University highlights the importance of having an organized study schedule to avoid cramming at the last minute. To address students’ tendency to procrastinate, Wunderlist allows users to create virtual scheduled to-do lists which can be applied as a student’s study checklist. Make a catalog of the things you need to study for and when, and tick them off as you go along. This is one of the most productive study methods, and the reason behind it lies in how the mind works. Esteemed psychologist David Cohen pointed out that a detailed checklist provides structure that removes the anxiety caused by a looming deadline. If you break down your assignment into smaller, more achievable tasks, you gain a sense of accomplishment from completing them, and you’ll feel more motivated to continue on to the next.


A student’s number one enemy is distraction and smartphones can also be a major cause of it. Offtime is designed to address the unrelenting urge to check your phone constantly by restricting access to certain apps that limit productivity and focus. You can customize a contact list with whom you want to keep communication lines open while the rest will be blocked during your ‘offline’ period. The app also provides insight into your smartphone usage to give you an awareness of what platforms you spend most time on so you can cut back should you need to.

Noisli 2.0

If you can only study in a specific environment, download Noisli 2.0 to create the most conducive atmosphere for you. You can mix different sounds that suit your preference such as cafe music or relaxing waves. Other than the ambient noise, one outstanding feature is the timer that allows you to use the classic Pomodoro Technique. This is the use of time blocks of 25 minutes each, for four times, and then taking a five-minute break in between. Once you’ve completed four time blocks, stretch out your break to half an hour to unwind for the next set. This kind of study technique practices your commitment and keeps you focused to complete tasks at hand.


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