Will the AP Test Still Be Given in 2020?

by Mar 25, 2020

I bet a few weeks ago you did not think you would be homeschooling your student, especially not in their AP classes! We have received many questions from parents who are wondering about AP testing and whether it is still happening. They are also not sure how to best assist their student as they continue to work on their AP class curriculum now that school is closed. Here is some information to help guide you if your student is currently taking an AP class.

The AP test will still be given even though school is closed. However, traditional face-to-face testing will not take place. Instead, the College Board will offer two different testing dates for each AP subject, one for students who want to take the exam soon and one for students who would like to have some time to prepare. More information on testing dates will be available by April 3rd. 

The format of the tests will change for this special administration. Tests will be:

  • Given online
  • 45 minutes
  • Free-response
  • Only focus on the content that most schools were able to complete by March
  • Taken on computer, tablet, or smartphone or written out and submitted by taking a photo

Colleges are still committed to making sure that students receive credit for passing AP exam scores. You can figure out which AP scores colleges usually offer credit for using this resource. However, if you have registered for the AP exam and no longer wish to take it, the College Board is offering a refund. 

If you are planning to take the AP exam, there are several ways to prepare. Beginning today, the College Board is offering free live AP review courses. You can also watch these courses any time on-demand. 

In addition, students may be able to access additional information by logging into their College Board account if they have joined their course online. Your student’s teacher may also provide review materials through Google Classroom or email. If you are a student of ours at Parrish Learning Zone, our tutors are aware of the AP Review Courses being offered and are prepared to work with your student in their individual online session to review AP course material through March that may appear on the revised AP exam.


Nina Parrish, M. Ed.

Nina Parrish, M. Ed.

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