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Academic Coaching to build confidence.

Academic coaches use a student’s current school assignments as a springboard to help teach goal-setting, prioritizing, organization, planning, time-management, focus, emotional regulation, self-assessment, and study skills.


Who are we?

Our coaches are professional educators and school counselors. They are experts in providing customized and comprehensive support for students who need help improving their academic performance. Sometimes you hear professionals use the term “executive functioning coach”. We use the term Academic Coach because not only do we teach students how to enhance executive functioning, we also focus on increasing motivation, metacognitive skills, and self-regulatory learning abilities.

Who we are not

Academic coaching is not the same as tutoring in that it is not subject-specific but instead aims to teach the skills necessary for academic success and productivity in all classes. Academic coaching is not counseling or therapy.


What do we do?

Academic coaches use a student’s current school assignments as a springboard to help teach:


Goal-setting and creating a daily process to work towards goals. The ability to enjoy learning more and feel more successful in school.



Tools to overcome procrastination and avoidance of assignments.



Improve your organization and learn effective study skills.



Be able to create a customized plan to effectively complete all of their required tasks.



Discover time and task management tools. Learn strategies to work smarter and more efficiently.


Learn strategies to manage distractions to improve academic performance and work completion.

Emotional regulation

Increased emotional regulation and executive functioning skills. Discover tools to manage emotions related to productivity and ability to perform well on academic tasks.


Increased responsibility, productivity, and independence. Increased critical thinking and metacognitive skills


Who is Academic Coaching for?


Are in upper elementary, middle, high school, or college


Struggle with executive functioning


Have low grades


Have lots of late work, missing work, and zeroes


Don’t understand how to study and do well in school


Have difficulty completing or keeping up with the details of multi-step directions or assignments


Can’t get started on projects or fail to complete and turn in homework assignments.


Are easily overwhelmed and don’t have confidence in their academic ability


Are disorganized and have trouble keeping track of necessary materials, papers, and supplies


Complete assignments at the last minute or take a very long time to complete assignments


Can not recall what they learned in school


Have trouble focusing or sustaining attention


Appear “unmotivated”, procrastinate, or avoid school work


Struggle with perfectionism


What Our Students Say

We have had a wonderful experience with PLZ. Nina does an excellent job identifying a student’s needs and pairing them with the appropriate tutor. Our child has worked with the same math tutor for several years. He has taken the time to know our child, who enjoys the tutoring sessions. These sessions reinforce concepts from the classroom and help develop study skills in other areas of study. The entire team is kind and compassionate – they understand that each student has unique strengths and needs. We are fortunate to have our child working with PLZ for math and now SAT prep. We highly recommend PLZ without reservations.


-Kim S.


Our clan is VERY happy with Parrish Learning Zone! Both of our kids started with Study Skills tutoring last school yr (7th & 9th grader). After initial tests showed that both were doing well in reading & comprehension so both were given skills that they will be able to use through the rest of their life. Organization, study, writing papers skills have been given to both kids.
We took a break over the summer months & then my son requested Nina’s help 2 weeks into his sophomore year. Why? Nina helps him to organize his schedule! He uses his weekly hour long sessions to make his “mountain” of homework/tasks turn into daily small hills of homework. They work together to constantly re-organize his folders, how he takes notes, how to study while reading his chapters, paper writing organization/writing, etc. He is VERY happy… WE are very happy!
Looking forward, we will be using their SAT/ACT prep classes as our son enters the Jr year. Thank you Parrish Learning Zone.


–the Swansons

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Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

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