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Customized one-on-one and small group Geometry Tutoringconfused_geometry_math_students

Geometry is a subject that is often hard to understand for some high school students. We provide one on one customized tutoring in Geometry to provide students with the skills they need to be successful in class. We will set your student up with an expert Geometry tutor who will work with them to build their skills and confidence.

Geometry students will need to understand angle relationships, parallel lines, polygons, symmetry, circles, and constructions. Formulas for surface area and volume will be used to solve practical problems. Proofs are approached intuitively and then formally as the student is prepared to analyze, to synthesize, and to reach conclusions.  Our tutors will help them to have a better understanding of these topics.

Some Geometry course information cited from Spotsylvania County Schools course catalog.

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Need help keeping your kids up to speed while they're at home?

Need help keeping your kids up to speed while they're at home?

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