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Our Program

At Parrish Learning Zone, we assess your child in order to customize a tutoring program that addresses their specific needs.   All of our tutors are state-licensed teachers who are able to work with students individually and in small groups to ensure that they experience success.   Since our tutors are teachers, they know what your child should be learning in order to be successful in our local schools.  All of our programs are aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning, so that what they learn at Parrish Learning Zone reflects what they need to know in their current classroom.  We can help your student to stop feeling frustrated by giving them the skills and confidence that allows them to experience successful learning.

Here’s how…

Initial Evaluation

We will evaluate your child to determine their specific learning needs.  Students are given diagnostic and achievement based tests.  These tests will help to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we are able to design a program that is customized just for them.

Individualized Program

A customized program will be designed that is based on your student’s individualized learning needs.  In this way, our teachers will be able to spend each tutoring session addressing the specific areas where your child is struggling.

Tutors who are State-Licensed Teachers

Our tutors are state-licensed teachers.  Every tutor who works with your child has classroom teaching experience in local schools.  Since all of our tutors are state-licensed teachers and many have advanced degrees, they are specialists in designing and implementing a program to meet your child’s specific learning needs.  In addition, they understand what your child is expected to know at his or her grade level in a specific subject area because they are the ones who teach it.

Collaboration with Schools and Teachers

With your permission, we will communicate regularly with your child’s school and teachers in order to monitor their progress and make sure that they are applying what they learn in the classroom.  As classroom teachers, we understand how to work with teachers, school counselors, and school administrators to make sure your child is receiving the attention that they deserve.

Individual or Small Group Instruction

Unlike traditional classrooms, we work with your child individually or in a small group of three or less.  This allows our tutors to focus on your child and their specific learning needs, but does not take away the opportunity to learn from and engage with other students with similar struggles.  By focusing on your student we are able to address their skill deficits while building their confidence.


As your child works with their tutor, they will acquire the missing skills that were causing them to be frustrated in school.   The skills that they learn from our customized instruction will help them academically which will boost their confidence.  Armed with this confidence, your child will be able to apply their knowledge to the classroom and to life in order to experience success.

So, stop the fighting and frustration.  Call us today to get started.

Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

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