⇒ What: Students will spend half of the day doing hands-on science, math, robotics, engineering, and coding activities and half of the day learning about arts, literature, and writing. Taught by Owner Nina Parrish, M.Ed.

⇒ Ages: Rising 2nd-rising 5th grade students.

⇒ When: Send us a message here to find out when our next class is scheduled!

⇒ Cost: $190.00


Session 1 STEM (1/2 of each day)

Monday: Slime ‘Splosion

Make 2 different types of slime including glitter slime and gooey snow slime. Learn about polymers.

Tuesday: Engineering Extravaganza

Use plans to solve problems and build structures using a variety of materials including marshmallows, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and clips.

Wednesday: Science Sleuth

Use the power of scientific investigation to solve problems and explain magical phenomenon. Try two colorful experiments and learn about molecules.

Thursday: Coding Craziness

Learn by playing games! Create code to make objects move!

Friday: Robotics

Use legos to construct a robot and use code to make it move!

Session 2: Art, Literature, and Written Language (1/2 of each day)

Monday: Children’s Book Author

Students will listen to well-known children’s books, select art and craft a story to create and publish their own online children’s book.

Tuesday: Monster Madness

We will look at famous paintings that look like monsters, create our own monster painting and description Try to use our direction following skills to recreate another students paintings and compare.

Wednesday: Nature, Balance, Photography and Poetry

Students will brainstorm a list of adjectives to describe two early photographs called “cyanotypes.” Next they will create their own cyanotype photograph. Students will then write original poetry using the previous list of adjectives to describe their own nature-inspired cyanotype photograph.

Thursday: Emotional Weaving

Students will select an emotion and write a written description. They will use their written descriptions as a jumping off point for a piece of art as they depict their emotion through the use of color and line. Finally, students will use that piece of art to create a paper weaving.

Friday: Still Life Photography

Students will plan and design a still life composition. When composing the still life, students will choose objects that emphasize a variety of shapes and textures, and arrange the objects to reflect balance. Next students will create a photographic still life and use it as inspiration to write a poem.

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