****We are currently at capacity and are not able to accept new students. If you contact us, we can add your student to a waiting list for the next available tutoring appointment time that matches your request.****

Parrish Learning Zone has become an integral part of our family. Time and again we’ve turned to their expertise when our teenagers needed help and they have consistently responded to meet our needs. PLZ found an incredibly talented Latin tutor to help decode this challenging language for our sons, with our Jr raising his grade from an 83 to a 96 in Latin IV and our Soph going from a 73 to a 90 in Latin III. Same with Math, one child went from a low B in Adv Algebra II to a strong A in Math Analysis, and more importantly is building a solid foundation in Math along the way so that he can continue to thrive in future math courses. PLZ tutors are great at filling each hour with instruction in both the current course topic as well as basic knowledge necessary to succeed in that course that may have been missed in prior years. And they write amazing notes after every session so that we as parents can stay involved and reinforce lessons at home. We used PLZ for PSAT tutoring with terrific results and our Jr is currently taking the SAT prep class. Imagine teenage boys rapping to SAT vocabulary words, willingly practicing test skills on a regular basis, and actually saying class was “fun” that night!! Nina and Jay are true professionals and care about each of their students, providing tutoring opportunities tailored to each child’s needs. Investing our time and money in PLZ has been worth it, we’ve had tremendous quantifiable results and look forward to continue to work together in the years to come.

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