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World Languages- Spanish, French, and Latin

Customized one-on-one and small group World/Foreign Language Tutoringspanish_tutoring

Including Spanish, French and Latin

Understanding and speaking another language like Spanish or French in today’s modern world is essential to success. We are a very diverse nation and these foreign language skills are very important to have. These subjects can be very difficult for students to learn and we have expert tutors and some with global experience to help your student be successful in their classes and future careers.

World language classes concentrate on the acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammatical skills to enable a student to be able to converse in simplest terms in a manner to be understood by a native speaker. Vocabulary reflects aspects of daily life and of the cultures of the native speaking people. The course emphasizes listening and speaking throughout; reading and writing skills receive attention as students’ vocabulary and grammatical skills develop. Our expect licensed tutors will assist your child every step of the way.

Some world/foreign language course information cited from Spotsylvania County Schools course catalog.

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Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

Help your child build the confidence and skills to succeed in school.

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